Software & content since 2001

Andy Dunkel
Daniel Iwer

Since our foundation in 2001 we have specialized in creating high quality software and content.

We create high quality content, tutorial and texts for our blogs, in our video productions we explain the function of hardware and software to users and report about news from the technical world.
In addition, we create software that allows webmasters and developers to make their website more powerful and feature-rich. Thousands of times in use, we assist every user with questions or problems with professional support.

Andy Dunkel & Daniel Iwer

Who we are?

We are software engineers, content writers, video producers and podcasters.


Help users to solve their problems and aid them to a solution.

What we do!

Company history

2001 - foundation

Founded in 2001 we started our business with our oldest website ekiwi.de, specializing in webmaster tools, tutorials for creating both personal and professional websites.

2002 - start of the Da-software brand

Shortly after the foundation we started developing tools for webmasters, starting with the DA-FormMaker, a tool to create online forms for websites.

2002 - 2010 - extending software and website

More than 10 years we focused on extending our software portfolio and creating more content for our website. Software like DA-OrderForm, DA-HtAccess and DA-QuizMaker where created.

2010 - start of ekiwi-blog

In 2010, we started the tech and tutorial blog eKiwi-Blog.de.

2017 - Youtube!

Start of our two youtube channels, tutorials and tech news.

2017 - today

In the last 3 years we renewed our software products, brought our youtube channels to over 1000 subscribers and provided a lot of content for all of your websites.